Monday, 9 February 2009

snow reveals landscapes

Inspiring pictures of White Sheet - living up to its' name!
Snow reveals landscape features which can surprise. I remember seeing a rath (ring fort) from the top of the hill where we lived in West Cork. We'd looked at the view so many times, and never noticed this until the snow came.
The rath, an old homestead, was in fact perfectly sited, facing the southerly sweep of the mountainside, sheltered and with the most beautiful view.
No trace of pathway or trach or field was left, only the circular banks picked out by the snow.
Lives lived, forgotten.

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Whitesheet snowlines

In the snow the earthworks stand out prominently - dark lines on the white hill.

Closer up and there are new lines revealed - a diagonal path of higher land.

The ditches have dark tops where the snow has blown clear, and white white fills where one step can take you from a crispy smudge of snow on grass to a couple of feet deep, the wind has evened out the contours of the land!
The round barrow has no snow, and fiery heat emanating from it.
And the centre ring - a nectar like silky soft honeylike feeling of energy swirling, spinning clockwise, rising up and down with rainbows lighting the air.
Close your eyes, listen inside your body - what does the land whisper to you?

Thursday, 5 February 2009


We were exploring animal tracks on the snowy wood margin. Hare, deer, fox, badger. All seemed to do the same thing - meander - round and round - it's not just humans and dogs then!

The joy of being in the landscape, crunch of snow, just going from here - to there - with no sense of arriving. Another kind of journey.
Lots of human trods too, way away from anywhere, doing the same thing - meandering. Making snowlines.

Snowsounds, snowlines

We went to the sun temple at Stourhead in the snow and low-hanging mist today.
The atmosphere is so still, new and ancient. Just single bursts of birdsong, ducks, geese, the water, and two woodpeckers echoing eachother. Sounds became crisp and clear, individual and tangible. The snow and mist together held the land in a way that made me feel just a glimpse of what it might have been like for HER, travelling through the woods and over the hills, on her journey back then.

We found a perfect bowl of untrod snow, surrounded by beech, to make our snow lines running in circles and rolling on the ground.