Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Sand Point - school visits / Soundlines project

Well, yes, we were biting our fingernails about rain, wind, weather in general .... but the puddles receeded (fortunately for the cycling animator), the clouds lifted and thick shafts of light and land revealed themselves all around.
A brilliant day with two batches of students from Worle College , Priory School, and Locking Primary. We looked at views,tried to decide if it was Wales, China(?) or France ... everyone worked away at their sketches for the animations, and stories just - dropped from the air. Including the tale of the Incredible Tsunami of 1607 (pictured above). A sobering tale.

Here are some students racing Jane up the hill to find some treasure:

And some more on Swallow Cliff filming and taking photos.

So, many thanks to all the staff who made today possible - we're looking forward to the music day, and can't wait to see all the sketchbooks , film, photos and animations.

Sunday, 4 October 2009


It's a buffeting wind and a gloomy sky today, but surely the weather will be kind to us on Tuesday, when we venture up 'The Hill' with the Soundlines students!