Tuesday, 23 February 2010


Strata on a Dorset beach.
- Beautiful.

Monday, 1 February 2010

And More Tests

An evening walk, beautiful platinum skies and metallic blue sea. Stunning panoramas and of course sumptuous sounds too! 40 minutes seems a good length of time to record a walk. Still more left to explore, but lots of atmosphere and contrast as you cover the hilltop. Log and keyboard are working fine, and most of the tweaks from Russ & Jane's visit yeaterday have been made and are working fine. Exciting to feel it coming together. Iterative not just in technology testing, but also in approaching layers of creativity through revisiting the landscape.

Soundlines field trial

A bitterly cold day with pale skies ..... snow on the hills around and the tide very far out. Sand banks glittered like huge fish.

Trialling the user generated sounds mapped by Jackie and Russ was interesting and exciting (especially as I didn't know where sounds had been placed.)
Everything seemed accurately place - but there was hardly any wind.
Birdsong mingled with it's real equivalent leaking round the edge of my headphones, the far away shouts of children playing ... a monks' bell ....
A few tweaks and we're nearly there.