Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Post-Project Add-Ins

It's several years since the Soundlines Project and yet in some respects it feels very close and familiar, fresh and alive.

Much has, of course, continued to happen since the Premiere in April 2010 and the period of evaluation, reporting to funders, publication and dissemination that followed. 

The Strata artists continued to develop and deliver innovative community arts projects - Jane with storytelling for learning disabled adults, Russ and Jane with Count Me in, Heartbeats, All Stars and other fantastic publicly funded music projects. Jackie continued her research with pervasive media and different groups of people, technologies and landscapes, travelling from Wiltshire, Leicester and the Yorkshire Dales to Canada and Dubai. 

As I look back through materials and artefacts from the project, there are many that inevitably didn't make it into the blog or film. Some of those are not suitable for public access, some are just simply working documents from behind the scenes.
However, many are useful and rich reflections on the work that happened and the experiences we all had, and as such I will be adding a few more posts to the blog, in particular to fill in gaps where part of the process may have been skipped over quickly - due to our busy schedules and limited amount of time for posting everything at the time! 

The new posts will 'cheat' by being slotted into the dates of the project timeline that they relate to.

However I also believe it is important to retain the original working blog as it was produced during the project, with it's 104 posts, 34 comments and 7425 pageviews, to date (14/9/16) .

So I will use tags to identify 'original' and 'additional' posts, and should any visitor to the blog wish to see only the original posts, or only the additional posts, they can do so by clicking on those tags at the foot of this post. Blogger will then (hopefully!) kindly arrange all posts with that tag in the usual date order, most recent first. 

Note: this post will be shown again whichever you choose. 
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If you were involved in the Soundlines project and would like to update us on your thoughts of the project looking back from the grand vantage point of 2016 or beyond, we'd love to hear from you - please add a comment to this post or send us a private message if you prefer. Those young people from Locking Primary, just about to start their education at Worle, will now have moved through Worle and onto post-16 education or alternatives! And the Worle/Wyvern musicians and media students.... where are you now? How did Soundlines impact you, if at all? Do you ever think back to that windy wet walk on SandPoint, the Premiere with family and friends, and the music and animations you created? Have you returned to Sand Point, on your own, with family, friends, or possibly even with your own small children?! 

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